Turn your Square store into a best-in-class mobile app.

Transform your business with our top-rated no-code mobile app builder. Create a stunning, best-in-class app in just minutes and join the ranks of successful businesses for only $149/mo.
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Live Customization

Bring your product to life with our live customization tools.

Our suite of tools makes managing your live app simple, from scheduling your push notification to updating the entire look of your app.

Streamlined UX

With loyaltylive.io you don't need to worry about spending hours figuring out the perfect layout. We have streamlined the layouts to provide the best possible user experience. All you have to do is configure the content, colors, and pick the layout styles that work best for your brand.

Layout styles

Loyaltylive makes building a beautiful mobile app easy for everyone. Within each app screen there are several layout styles for each section, making it easy for you to deliver an engaging mobile app that's on-brand.
Happy Holidays!
What’s your favorite thing about the change of season? 🍂🍁
Happy Holidays!
What’s your favorite thing about the change of season? 🍂🍁
Happy Holidays
What’s your favorite thing about the change of season? 🍂🍁
Personalized Marketing

Reach your customers wherever, whenever.

Communicate in real-time with your customers utilizing the power of push notifications. With loyaltylive.io, you can send relevant promotions, news, and updates to specific customer groups.

Push notifications

Communicate with your shoppers directly on their phones to automatically update them on ongoing orders, run promotions, provide news updates, or simply generate new sales.
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Customer groups

With loyaltylive.io, businesses can define granular customer groups based on several metrics to deliver relevant and timely promotions, news, and updates.

Fully automated

Fully automate all of your in-app marketing content. Schedule your push notifications, news events, and promotions easily through the intuitive client dashboard.
Mobile Ordering

Deliver a frictionless mobile ordering experience.

With loyaltylive's intuitive mobile ordering flow customers can rapidly select their favorite products to purchase and check out in seconds.

Store locator

Your customers can easily locate and select from your active locations with loyaltylive's store geolocator. Have a favorite location? Save it for easy access. Looking for the location closest to you? It's the first in the nearby locations list.
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Catalog sync

Sync your full Square catalogue, and select which items you want to set in app. Customize your menu layout, product image size to match your desired styling.
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Fast checkout

Loyaltylive's lightning fast checkout process is built to boost conversions. Once your customers have their accounts set up, they can save their card on file and checkout in moments.
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Loyalty Rewards

Convert one-time shoppers into life-time customers.

Loyaltylive's deep loyalty systems keep customers coming back for more. Deliver value to your customers for performing valuable brand actions, and let them know you appreciate them.

Earn & burn

Customers can earn points for performing valuable brand actions such as making purchases, and referring their friends to install the app. Points earned can be spent to unlock discounts at check-out.

VIP club

Deploy your own customizable VIP club to reward your most loyal members for reaching specific milestones. Names, colors, perks, and milestones can be customized easily via the client dashboard.

Targeted promos

Schedule & send tailored promotions with push notifications to specific customer groups. Looking to re-engaged churned customers, or reward loyal ones? That's easy to do with Loyaltylive.

Boost your business with a custom mobile app today.